For example at the moment I can’t tag other profiles pages using Live Producer. Download the latest beta version of Chrome or use Firefox to go live." Facebook have recently switched over to using the Live producer tool. Ready to go all-in with Facebook Live? With Live Producer tool, Facebook wants to give a push to Live Videos and broadcasting on the platform. Live video clipping Adding a dial-in number Live polls Featured link Go live with a guest Live features for faith communities Live tab and URL Raise money for a cause Live comments Video trimming Live Producer Graphics however you can still use the older version, and there are some advantages in using that. Facebook changed their API as of April 2018 and now prevents some users from live streaming to groups. Zoom does not support the new Facebook Live Producer. Click the Create Live Stream button. Later I loaded Firefox. On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore the full rollout of Facebook’s Live Producer for managing live-stream video and the new Creator Studio app with special guest, Stephanie Liu. We’ll also discuss the Byte app, the latest looping video successor … You can create graphics before you go live or during your Facebook Live broadcast. Facebook asks you to choose where to post your live broadcast. It allows you to do a whole bunch of cool things like creating and managing streams to your page, groups and profile, set up cross-posted videos, create polls, questions and more. From the drop-down menu on the right, the choices are as follows: On your Timeline: You can choose to broadcast directly from your News Feed. Facebook kommuniziert es zwar nirgends, aber um sinnvoll mit dem Facebook-Live-Producer arbeiten zu können, benötigt ihr auch die passende Hardware. If you see a notification to try to the new Live Producer, click Dismiss. Darüber hinaus ist eine gute Internetverbindung unabdingbar. A couple of features improve accessibility of your services–a toll-free dial-in phone number to hear the stream and the option to provide closed captioning in real-time. I am using Win10 in Chrome. I used an iPad instead. 2020 Facebook Live not working chrome 1 Recommended Answer 110 Replies 533 Upvotes okay just updating ... "The browser you're using doesn't support the camera feature in Live Producer. Facebook’s Live Producer provides some great perks for our churches that are livestreaming on Facebook. It’s a fairly new feature that Facebook added to their live video platform. Previously, broadcasting can primarily be done by Pages under publishing tools and with help of APIs users were able to live-stream in the groups and on their profile to some extent but it was limited and was quite a tedious task. The Facebook Graphics tool allows you to create and manage graphics in Live Producer, with the goal of increasing connection with your audience and building community around your content. Then definitely check out Facebook Live Producer! Also einen aktuellen Rechner, einen großen Monitor und die Möglichkeit mehrere Kamerasignale einzuspielen. why did Edge and live producer on facebook all of a sudden become incompatible? Connect with Facebook Live. GET STARTED.